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Bottles lying in the dark, in a ventilated space

Hygrometry : 70 à 80%

Temperature : from 10 to 18°



This is never a bad thing. It is the result of a natural process in the evolution of the wine. Our wines are not filtered, and because of this you may find a little deposit. In this case, we advise you to stand the bottles upright in your wine cellar for 24 hours before opening.



We advise you to pour all wines into decanters. For young wines, decanting 1 hour before drinking will be long enough to allow the wine to develop its taste. When tasting a vintage wine, handle the bottle with the care so as not to disturb the deposits at the bottom; place the bottle upright in a room at a temperature of 16 or 18 ° for 24 hours; we also strongly advise decanting 3 to 4 hours before drinking . When care is taken to pour the wine slowly out of the bottle and to stop at the right moment, the deposit is simply eliminated from the wine, because it stays at the bottom of the bottle. This process allows the full bouquet of the wine to develop. Our red wine should be served at 16/18 ° and the rosé at 12/14 °. Pomerol wines accompany all sorts of dishes, but can also be appreciated as an aperitif wine, an after-dinner drink or at other times. The full-bodied taste of merlot wines suits them to all occasions. 

The roundness of Merlots allows all audacities.